Watch Jamal Murray Effortlessly Drain 5 Straight Shots From Way Beyond the 3-Point Arc

His shooting stroke is pure.


Talented Denver Nuggets rookie Jamal Murray is still finding his way in his inaugural NBA season. His minutes off the bench have been unpredictable—he'll get 27 one night and 12 the next—as he continues to develop his game. He had a brief offensive explosion in November, dropping 18, 24, 23 and 20 points over a four-game stretch, but he's cooled off a bit since then. Still, what's never been in doubt about Murray has been his shooting prowess.

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He was a sharpshooter in his one year at Kentucky, but Murray's 3-point percentage as a rookie has not aptly reflected his abilities from behind the arc. He's hitting just 33 percent from deep on the season

But watching him work on his shot during pregame shootarounds makes you wonder how the dude ever misses.

Murray drained five 3-pointers in a row from way beyond the arc as he warmed up for the Nuggets' game against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night, each one farther out than its predecessor. He started at 27 feet, and by the time he got to his fifth shot, he was a step behind half court. He drained each shot effortlessly, and this was apparently right after drilling 25 regular 3's in a row from multiple spots around the arc.

With that kind of pure stroke, it's only a matter of time before Murray becomes one of the top marksmen in the NBA.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock