Watch Potential No. 1 NBA Draft Pick Markelle Fultz Drain Ridiculous Trick Shots

He loves trick shots as much as he loves the game of basketball itself.

On March 10, in a video posted to Twitter, University of Washington guard Markelle Fultz announced he'd forgo his sophomore season and enter the NBA Draft, where the No. 1 pick is currently a tossup between the 6-foot-4 Fultz and wunderkind UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball.

But if the Draft were based on proficiency in tricks shots, Fultz would be the first one picked without a doubt.

Fultz has an affinity for pulling off a variety of trick shots. He loves them so much, in fact, that the caption accompanying one of the showy makes on his Instagram account instructs the viewer to head to his Twitter account for "more crazy shots."

We'll start there, on said Instagram video, where Fultz stands at halfcourt, his back to the basket, phone in his left hand, and casually drains a shot by tossing the ball over his shoulder. As the video progresses, Fultz makes the same shot from the opposite free-throw line, then finally from underneath the opposite basket. Simply put, it's ridiculous.

You'd best be wary of challenging Fultz to a game of H.O.R.S.E., because his trick shot arsenal includes draining shots from both the locker room tunnel and the nearby bleachers—as he's shown on multiple occasions while warming up prior to tipoff.

Also, there's also no way you'd be able to match him if he pulled out this move. Fultz puts the ball almost entirely through his legs in mid-air before bringing it back and tossing it in the hoop for a layup. Just give us the H and the O for that one and we'll move on, thank you.

So good is Fultz at non-traditional shots that he's inspired fans to try mimicking his abilities. Hundreds of people have sent him videos of their attempts with the hashtag #MarkelleTrickShotChallenge. That's when you know your skills are serious.

Once he hits the NBA, Fultz will be asked to mature quickly, but here's hoping he doesn't lose his youthful enthusiasm for amazing and zany trick shots.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock