WATCH: Russell Westbrook Turned His Missed Free Throw Into a Sweet Finger Roll Bucket

Russell Westbrook's freakish athleticism is on display, but it's his effort and attitude that make this play so amazing.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a freak, but you already knew that. In the midst of dropping another triple-double—this time with 26 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds against the Toronto Raptors—Westbrook managed to do something we'd never seen him do before.

At the line to shoot the second of two free throws, Westbrook sensed his second shot was short. Instead of hanging his head and backpedaling down to the other end of the court, he rushed toward the rim before any Raptor defender could get a body on him. Westbrook then launched himself into the air, caught the rebound with one hand (as if he was getting ready to execute one of his rim-rattling dunks), and finger-rolled the ball off the backboard and through the hoop, all in one motion.

Stuff like this is what separates Westbrook from his peers. We marvel at his athleticism, his instincts and his effort. Kevin Durant's reaction to his partner's feat sums it up pretty well.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock