WATCH: The NFL Player Josh Doctson Most Admires Is a Former TCU Teammate

Washington Redskins WR Josh Doctson admires Jason Verrett more than any other NFL player. Learn why at

When NFL rookies are asked about the players they most admire, they typically rattle off veteran names like Tom Brady, Charles Woodson and Ray Lewis. They don't usually name former college teammates who are nearly their same age.

But that was exactly what happened when STACK asked new Washington Redskins receiver Josh Doctson about the current NFL player he most admires. Without hesitation, Doctson named his former TCU teammate and current San Diego Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett:

"[Jason's] a guy that came to TCU from a JUCO. I was at Wyoming my freshman year and I remember when we played TCU he was on the scouting report as a guy to target. Then I transferred to TCU and watched him just attack everything. Everything—on the field, off the field, he attacked it. What he's doing now, I saw him make that progression. So it's beautiful to see him up there doing what he's doing, being in the Pro Bowl this past year and everything. He's an inspiration to not only me, but everyone back home."

Perhaps the reason Doctson admires Verrett so much is because their stories up to this point have so many similarities. Like Doctson, Verrett was largely overlooked coming out of high school and didn't initially receive an offer from TCU. When Verrett and Doctson did arrive at TCU (Verrett in 2011, Doctson in 2012), neither one was an instant star. But they worked their butts off and earned respect before eventually blossoming into All-American performers. During Docton's first season as a walk-on, he was an offensive scout player who often practiced against Verrett. Doctson believes competing with Verrett on a daily basis was crucial to his development. Obviously, the respect is mutual:

Doctson also recently told that the cornerback he's most looking forward to playing against in the NFL is none other than Jason Verrett. The Redskins don't play the Chargers in 2016, so we'll have to be patient before we see these two great friends square off against each other.

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