Wisconsin's Star Drill for Offensive Linemen

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Who uses it: Wisconsin Badger offensive line, including Outland Trophy winner Joe Thomas

Who coaches it: John Dettmann, head strength and conditioning coach

Dettmann says: When you look at the demands of the game for an offensive lineman, they are change of direction and being able to quickly apply force to the ground. Besides increasing the skill and proficiency of those position-specific movements, the Star Drill also builds conditioning. During the last half of our summer program, we use this drill three days a week, in conjunction with other exercises, to train movements specific to each player's position so they are camp- and game-ready.

• Start in athletic stance
• Take three slide-steps right, then back to start
• Immediately kick-slide three steps back and right 45 degrees, then back to start
• Immediately kick-slide three steps back and left 45 degrees, then back to start
• Immediately take three slide-steps left, then back to start
• Perform 4-6 reps with 20-25 seconds between reps

Coaching Points:
1: Complete this drill as fast as possible. It's boom, boom, boom—but make sure you are technically sound, too.
2: The kick-slide is like an offensive tackle in a pass set. Don't shuffle. Instead, keep your weight distributed on the insoles of your feet, and take a lunge backward while maintaining a good base with your shoulders up and head back so you can see the target.
3: Keep your hands up in a ready position, and punch your hands as you move through the drill. If you watch an offensive tackle who has an outside pass rusher, his hands are up in the ready, and as he's kick-sliding back, he'll be ready to punch that cat to try to stop him.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock