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Time to Kiss Da Baby

August 5, 2010

Ochocinco's future hall-of-fame jacket and T.O.'s taste of popcorn sideline stunts.

It’s well documented that both Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco have a knack for theatricals on the gridiron, and they love to stir up controversy off the field. However, what you might not know is that T.O. and Ocho take their off-season training very seriously, and both are more than ready for the 2010 NFL season. All you babies better be ready to get kissed.

Owens and Ocho may be the biggest trash talkers in the game, but they have the talent to back it up. Statistically, the two have already achieved Hall-of-Fame status, with combined receptions of 1,690. They trail only Randy Moss and Torry Holt (1,846) for most receptions by active teammates. Owens alone is third all-time in receiving yards (14,951), behind only Jerry Rice and Isaac Bruce. And in Ochocinco's nine NFL seasons, he's celebrated in the end zone 62 times.

Given all the hype about their off-field dancing with stars and reality TV shows, many fans are already counting this dynamic duo as a bust, believing that their television antics have taken their focus away from the game. People are forgetting about the off-season training regimens that keep the two receivers at the top of their game.

Ochocino’s speed and precision route-running don't just happen on game days. He spent this past spring down in Miami, training to perfect his speed and agility, along with his hand-eye coordination. To see how the six-time Pro Bowler perfects his routes in South Beach, and to view his training vids, head to Rock Software TV.


Former STACK cover athlete Terrell Owens has a simple but effective way of training. He performs total body workouts using his patented Bodylastic TO Super Strong Man Bands. By hitting every major muscle group, T.O. gains the upper hand when fighting for balls against aggressive DBs.

For vids of Owens getting ripped with his bands, check out STACK's exclusive football training session with the Bengals' new #81.

Can these two big ego guys coexist in the same locker room? Time will tell. What we do know is that defensive coordinators in the AFC North will have difficulty designing ways to stop them.

Source:  espn.com, OCNN
Photo:  rankopedia.com, beargoggleson.com

Matt Siracusa
Matt Siracusa
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Time to Kiss Da Baby

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