Get More Out of Your Workouts With MOTOACTV

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Ready to get back into your training routine after the holidays? This year, there's a new way to kickstart your workouts after a long break—MOTOACTV, a next-generation workout companion from Motorola.

A touchscreen wristwatch designed to help athletes set goals, track progress and stay motivated, MOTOACTV does everything from providing workout calendars and tracking your running speed & distance to playing music and monitoring your heart rate. It can even track your bicycle trips. The best part? It does it all without buttons and wires.

After you enter personal data like height, weight and goals, the MOTOACTV serves as a virtual personal trainer. Each workout is sent wirelessly to an online Training Portal, where you can track your progress toward your personal goals. With all the graphs, charts and stats you could ever want, the Training Portal helps you train smarter to reach your goals faster. And since the Training Portal is available as a free Android app, you can take your phone to the gym for truly instant feedback.

One of MOACTV's coolest features is its music system, designed especially for athletes. Upload your music through iTunes or Windows Media Player and let the device learn which songs motivate you the most.  It will play your high-energy songs when you need the biggest boost. An optional wireless headset is great for athletes who want a high-intensity workout without a tangled mess of wires. (In the coming weeks, look for Motorola's super cool wireless heart rate headphones, which will actually monitor your heart rate without any additional equipment.)

Pricing: MOACTV starts at $249 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB. For a wide range of accessories, visit the Motorola store.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock