Two Drills to Develop Your Weak-Side Layup

Shot clock winding down. Your team needs a bucket. Why settle for a mid-range jumper when you can put the ball on the floor and attack the basket?

Easier said than done when a lockdown defender is blanketing you and help defense is on the way. But if you think driving the lane for an easy layup is impossible, think again. You can beat both defenders with a weak-side layup. If you don't have one, you need to add it to your arsenal of on-court weapons.

Attacking the basket off the dribble for a left-handed layup has been the go-to move in crunch time for Dirk Nowitzki and 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose.

View the following videos (above) for two easy-to-perform drills that can help you improve your weak-hand layup skills. The first drill is for shaking a defender with a spin move and driving the lane for the leftie layup. Add more flair to the move by going in for the reverse left-handed layup off the spin.


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