WATCH: Antonio Brown Juggles Three Full-Size NFL Footballs Like Nothing

Watch how Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown perfects his receiving skills by juggling footballs.

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown is what NFL analysts call a showstopper or a gamebreaker. A freak among men, he plays the game on an entirely different level of skill and athleticism than any other player in the league. Everyone in the NFL is a great athlete. Brown might be the very best.

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Beyond his acrobatic plays and explosive bouts of brilliance as a kick returner, Brown is most impressive for his consistent output as a receiver. Behind the flash is substance. This is evidenced by his four Pro Bowl and three All-Pro selections over the course of his young NFL career. At the end of each NFL season, you will find Brown ranked high among the NFL's top receivers. In 2014, he led the league in receiving yards, and in 2015 he finished second to Julio Jones by 25 yards.

It now looks like AB might be leading the league in another all-important category, juggling. Watch the video above to see Brown casually juggle three official-sized NFL footballs like nothing. The juggling routine is entertaining and impressive as hell, but Brown actually has a good reason for doing it. It's a great way to refine his hand-eye coordination and touch for the ball, two crucial skills for an NFL receiver.

It seems to be paying off. Just ask the Bengals.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock