WATCH: Kate Upton Performs a 270-Pound Landmine Squat, Proves Supermodels Can Lift Heavy Weight

Supermodel Kate Upton lifts some serious weight with a unique exercise combo.

Kate Upton

Supermodels and barbells aren't usually associated with each other. Heavy weight makes you bulk up, right? Fortunately, this myth has been shattered, and Kate Upton is a great example, leading the pack by crushing a barbell combo exercise.

In a recent Instagram post, Upton performs a heavy Landmine Squat and RDL combo under the guidance of elite strength coach Ben Bruno.

From what we can tell, Upton has 270 pounds on the bar (there's a chance the black plates are lighter than 45 pounds). Yes, the ground is helping with the weight since it's a landmine exercise—the other side of the bar is anchored to the ground in a pivot joint—but it's still quite impressive.

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The Landmine Squat and RDL is a unique combo we haven't seen before, but we love the idea of pairing these two fantastic moves. It's a safe way to Squat and RDL, and the technique is easier to perfect compared to the traditional barbell versions of these exercises.

Upton is able to load up on weight and fluidly move between the exercises, which is not possible without using a landmine setup. It builds her glutes and lower body, and also provide a great conditioning effect since the two exercises work the largest muscle groups in her body.

Lifting heavy weight is clearly not a one-time occurrence for Upton. In a previous Instagram video, she performed some heavy Hip Thrusts—another great exercise for developing the glutes.

Whether you're a female athlete or just want to look fit, Upton's workouts provide good examples of how you should consider training.

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