What to Eat at A Pre-Game Team Breakfast to Boost Your Athletic Performance

Fueling correctly before a game is one of the most important factors in an athlete's performance. Most sport teams have a team breakfast that allows athletes to choose from a variety of breakfast foods a couple of hours before a game. But what should athletes eat and what should they avoid to help them perform at their best? STACK talked to sports dietician Leslie Bonci to learn how to take full advantage of a team breakfast.

Most team breakfasts include favorites like bacon, pancakes, sausage and potatoes. But if athletes want to feel fast and light for their game, they should avoid "eating with their eyes" before a game. Consuming too many calories leads to a full stomach, which makes athletes feel slow and sluggish.

Instead of loading your plate with all those calories, cut back on fatty foods and extra carbs and eat a small meal. A better plate would have eggs, a side of oatmeal and some fruit. It won't leave you feeling too full, but you will still get the energy you need to feel great during the game.

Other options for a light breakfast include a bowl of cereal, yogurt with granola, and a small breakfast sandwich.

To learn more about eating right before a game, check out the video above.

What to Eat at A Pre-Game Team Breakfast to Boost Your Athletic Performance


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