Play Harder With 110% Ice Therapy Compression Gear

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Compression gear has repeatedly proven its value to athletes, both before and during activity. Benefits include increased blood flow, reduced lactic acid, stabilized muscles during exercise and faster recovery time.

Gear company 110% focuses on the recovery aspect of compression products. Their unique pocket design (see photo above) allows athletes to slip ice sheets into their gear, creating an instant cool. According to 110%, "Ice restricts the blood vessels to prevent the accumulation of fluids. It also reduces inflammation and pain. Compression and ice together immediately reduces swelling, aids in soft-tissue recovery and helps reduce numb, sore tissue to decrease [the risk of] further injury in the future."

Using the Sheets
110%'s sheets are reusable and flexible enough to fit any athlete's body. For cold therapy, run the sheet under water for 30 seconds and place it in the freezer. When you're ready for recovery, slip it into the specially-designed pocket. The package comes with a thermal bag, so your sheets will stay cold for up to six hours. You can also use the sheets for heat therapy. Simply pop them in the microwave until they reach your desired temperature.

Pro's Choice
As with any new product, you want to know who else uses it. 110% conveniently supplies a list of professional teams—including the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints—that use their gear. View the complete list at

Online Store
110% offers a variety of compression gear for both male and female athletes. Prices range from $55 for the Blitz Knee Sleeve to $250 for the Clutch Full-Length Tights. Visit their online store and decide what suits your needs.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock