5 Reasons Online Softball Pitching Lessons are Worth Considering

Check out these benefits of learning from an online coach.

With almost everyone having a high resolution camera on them at all times and the ability to send video anywhere in the world, online softball pitching lessons are becoming increasingly popular. The obvious disadvantage is the coach is not physically available, but there many advantages to having an online pitching instructor.

Increased Coach and Student Accountability

Online coaches can welcome daily contact for questions and help via email or other correspondence. Asking regular questions shows a coach you are working. Coaches tend to help the students who are proving they are helping themselves. Regular fast pitch softball pitching lessons do not foster 24/7 communication with the coaches. Questions are usually limited to your weekly pitching time, which may be shared with other pitchers.

Flexible Scheduling

Many parents can work from home for the convenience. It just makes sense that you should be able to take pitching lessons from home. Having the ability to practice when you can and where you can has to be the top benefit for online fast pitch softball pitching lessons. This is essential for multi-sport athletes or families with kids in multiple activities.

Ability to Replay Drills and Lessons

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Calling your pitching coach the day after a lesson to ask her to repeat what she taught at your lesson is not an option. With online fast pitch softball pitching lessons, you can replay video lessons as many times as needed to fully grasp the concept. You can even go back to the lessons if you need a reminder on specific concepts. With clear communication, students can benefit more from recorded lessons and make sure they do not miss an important detail until their next scheduled lesson.

Ability to Reach Students That May Not Have Access to Quality Pitching Coaches

Not every pitcher has access to a great local pitching instructor. Not everyone has the funds to travel to and pay for the top pitching instructors. Online fast pitch softball pitching lessons remove the distance, and the majority of the programs are priced below the cost of regular in-person pitching lessons. Anyone with internet access and a camera can have the opportunity to work with top-level coaches from all over the country.

Supports Self-Motivated Athletes

Good athletes are developed outside of required practices. You can go to the best pitching coach around or get all your drills off the internet, but if you're not working four days per week, you are not going to get better. The right online fast pitch softball pitching lessons support the already motivated athletes with detailed weekly practice schedules to keep the practices productive. Coaches are also available multiple days per week so athletes do not get stuck waiting until their next lesson for help.

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Features to look for:

Access: How often can you contact the coach? Is there a forum available to help you learn from others with similar questions? Online fast pitch softball pitching lessons thrive off of students asking questions. The more contact you have with the coach, the more information you can receive.

Material: Do you just get a video review or is there an actual lesson plan with end goals? Any lesson, in person or online, should follow some type of progression and have goals in mind for all participants.

Platform: Do you have to spend hours learning how to communicate? Is it organized or are you just sending emails?

Extras: Some programs take it to a new level. Coachataclick.com delivers detailed pitching instruction by a qualified coach who is also an ACE-certified personal trainer with specialty certifications in sports conditioning, sports nutrition and functional movement. Coachataclick's online programs come with a strength coach and nutrition consultant.