A Bench That Can Change the Way You Train

Learn how the MAXX BENCH let's you lift massive weight on the Bench Press without fear of getting stuck under the bar.

Too often, people work in the gym without a spotter—either because they don't want to impose on a friend or they don't feel like tracking someone down mid-workout. People know that lifting without a spotter can be dangerous, but they still do it.

One exercise that truly requires a spotter is the Bench Press, especially when you're lifting heavy weights. If you get caught under a bar with a lot of weight on it, the price you pay can be disastrous, even life threatening. This is where MAXX BENCH comes in.

This bench can change the way you train. After the bench's creator got caught under a bar with heavy weight, he and his team brainstormed ways to make the Bench Press safer. They eventually came up with the first gravity-release bench. It features an accessible lever by your feet. When you step on the lever, the bench hydraulically lowers, and the weighted bar catches on the posts, allowing you to let go of it without fear.

The MAXX BENCH will help people who lack spotters, or who prefer to lift by themselves, be safer when they work out. It will also promote better lifting performance. It helps you lift like you should be lifting, without fear of getting stuck by putting too much weight on the bar. It allows you to lift with all the confidence you need to reach your next max.

Watch the video below to learn more about MAXX BENCH:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock