adidas Outdoor Terrex Gear for Trail Running

Our intrepid gear and apparel reviewer Jon Bobel checks out the adidas Terrex line of outdoor apparel.

Ready to take your training outside for the summer?

First step: Get outside and go for a run!

Well, wait.

First step: Get dressed, then go outside for a run. We recently reviewed the Terrex Outdoor line from adidas, which is a great complement to your trail running needs.

Starting from the top, we checked out adidas's Terrex Stockhorn Fleece Hoodie for those colder mornings. While the word "fleece" might elicit thoughts of bulky sheep-looking apparel from the 90s, this hoodie is thin but keeps you very (almost too) warm. I've gone for a run in 40 degrees and below and, depending on the length of the run, it's almost too hot. If you happen to be a freeze baby, this could be perfect for you in a wider range of temperatures. The piece has ninja sleeves to keep your hands warm and a hood, which, when zippered, covers most of your head. I really dig the styling, and it's a go-to piece for a layer on the way to the gym or out and about.

We also checked out adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic shorts. They are paper-thin (that's a good thing). I don't own any other shorts as light and flexible. The only issue I had was caused by my thighs, which are larger than most and made the shorts tight on my hips. Not uncomfortable, mind you, just a little snug for my body type. I like the small back pocket in case I need to carry my keys, credit card or stash of cash.

In the past, I reviewed the adidas Terrex Fast R Mid GTX Hiking Boot, and I still like them for fast hikes, ankle protection and trail running on sketchy terrain. This time around, looking for something less bulky, I checked out adidas's Outdoor Terrex Boost. Similar styling but in a low-top version, they performed well on the trail. It's still muddy where I run off-road, and the grip was great, even on tree trunks and other slippery obstacles. adidas claims its boost technology gives runners extra energy return. I'm skeptical about statements like this, but I did feel pretty springy on the trail, so maybe there's something to it. These are now my go-to trail runners, especially when the weather is disagreeable.

The Terrex collection from adidas is a great choice for outdoor activities. Get some gear go for a run in the woods.  Find these items at





Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock