Run Cool With adidas' ClimaCool Ride Trail Running Shoe

In an exclusive STACK video, Jim Jennings, category manager at adidas Running, gives viewers an in-depth look at their latest creation.

Pounding the pavement can be difficult in and of itself, but trail running can multiply the challenge tenfold. Athletes who prefer to run on unpredictable terrain need to equip themselves with a flexible shoe, one that will keep their feet cool, comfortable and protected. They need look no further than adidas' ClimaCool Ride Trail running shoe, released last month.

In the video above, Jim Jennings, category manager at adidas Running, offers an in-depth look at the trail shoe, which is a spin-off of the adidas ClimaCool Ride running shoe. He says, "We're really excited about this. Our goal for this shoe was to make something unique—something different."

According to Jennings, what makes the new trail shoe unique is its flexible construction, allowing trail runners to adapt to any external obstacle, such as a tree root.

A lot of performance apparel on the market is designed to keep athletes cool during exercise, but there really isn't much out there to take care of your feet. Enter the Ride Trail's "cool" technology. "[There are] 250 sweat glands in the foot alone," says Jennings. "Your foot sweats a cup of sweat a day. ClimaCool technology is unbelievable in what it does to cool the foot."

The Ride Trail is constructed to allow 360-degree airflow, keeping your feet dry, cool and comfortable at all times and allowing you to run more efficiently.

Pick up a pair of ClimaCool Ride Trail shoes at for $94.95.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock