Allen Robinson Got a Tattoo of His Famous Catch Against Michigan

NFL receiver Allen Robinson memorialized the greatest catch of his Penn State career with a tattoo on his torso.

Allen Robinson tattoo

Allen Robinson's 2015 performance as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars (1,400 receiving yards, 14 touchdowns) may have given you amnesia about how good the former Penn State wideout was in college; but Robinson himself has certainly not forgotten.

In 2013, Robinson went for 1,432 yards, but the highlight of his season was his athletic 36-yard catch over a Michigan cornerback with 27 seconds left and Penn State down a touchdown against the no. 18 Wolverines. Just inches from the left sideline, Robinson somehow leapt straight up to get the ball and came down inbounds at the 1-yard line. A few plays later, Penn State tied the game and went on to win it in the fourth overtime.

Robinson is so fond of the play that he had an image of it tattooed on his torso so he can remember it forever. It was a helluva catch, to be sure, but tattoo-worthy? Only time will tell. For now, Robinson has some crazy new ink to show his teammates when he arrives at training camp.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock