Allyson Felix Says She's Ready to 'Take Care of Business' in Rio

The four-time Olympian missed out on her favorite event, but says she has high expectations for the 400m in Rio

U.S. sprinter Allyson Felix failed to make the 200-meter event for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Felix was still healing from a serious ankle injury she suffered back in April, causing her to place fourth by .01-second in the qualifying meet in July.

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Although the four-time Olympic sprinter will not be running her favorite race, she will be able to participate in the 400-meter race. STACK had the opportunity to speak with Felix, and she hopes to be 100 percent healthy for the event, which is scheduled for August 13.

"It was a tough year, and leading up to the [U.S. Olympic Trials] there was a bit of uncertainty with where I was," Felix said. "I'm hoping to be close to 100 percent when it's time to go on the 13th. I'm making good progress."

She later told The Sporting News, "The 400m is a lot more about strategy, it's about being patient, where the 200m is an all-out sprint. So I have to make sure my conditioning is going well, but that my race plan is on point."

In the STACK interview video above, Felix talks about her progress and what being at the Rio Olympics means to her.

Allyson Felix

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock