ALTRA Zero Drop Technology for Runners

The ALTRA Zero Drop running shoe technology has no drop from the front of the shoe to the heel, giving runners a pleasant barefoot running experience.

ESPN's worldwide reach into every athlete's living room gives the network unmatched credibility. So when an ad airs on ESPN, people notice.

A recent advertisement for ALTRA Zero Drop running shoes on ESPN left many viewers scratching their heads, asking questions like: What is ALTRA? What is Zero Drop? Why should it matter to me? If I've never heard of ALTRA, how did it reach the big time of sports television?


The Zero Drop commercial definitely turns heads, since every runner in the ad has the body of a Greek god. If the shoe contributes to that, viewers everywhere will certainly want to  purchase a pair of Zero Drops.

The ALTRA Zero Drop running shoe has no drop from the front of the shoe to the heel. According to ALTRA, this configuration breaks from the traditional running shoe 12-millimeter drop from back to front.

In addition to cushion and support, the Zero Drop also offers extra space around the toe area. These shoes are great for runners looking for a comfortable barefoot feel.

(If you aren't completely sold on the technology, take a look at the New Balance Minimus 1010 Trail shoe. It has a 4mm drop from heel to toe.)

ALTRA offers ten different models. The latest one is the Instinct 1.5 for men (pictured above) and the Intuition 1.5 for women. These extremely lightweight shoes, great for running, can be purchased online at the company's website for around $100.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock