Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Solo Headphones Coming Soon

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You're in the weight room for an intense workout. You're listening to your favorite song , and the heart-pounding beat is getting you hyped up. You're ready to knock out a set of Box Jumps.

With perfect form, you powerfully launch yourself up into the air. But upon landing, your hand catches theĀ  headphone cord and rips it out of your mp3 player. Your workout grinds to a halt while you reset.

Thankfully, music mogul Dr. Dre has a solution for you: his soon-to-be-released signature Beats by Dr. Dre wireless Solo headphones. Using Bluetooth technology, the no-cords-attached headphones give you free range of motion. Powered by long-lasting rechargeable batteries, the headphones are also equipped with voice controls and music playback controls, located in the right earcup.

No word yet on an official launch date, but we're sure Dr. Dre's latest product will be a hot commodity with serious athletes. Stay tuned for more details.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock