Fitness Fail Friday: The Internet's Best Dunk Attempt

The NBA's Slam Dunk Contest may disappoint you, but the Internet never will. Check out this week's Fitness Fail Friday for a truly awesome dunk attempt.

Dunk Fail

Each Friday, STACK brings you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard. 

Tomorrow's NBA Slam Dunk Contest may or may not provide a moment as iconic as Michael Jordan's from-the-free-throw-line dunk or Vince Carter's elbow slam, but history tells us the event will probably showcase more props than great dunks. 

If you find yourself pining for the good old days 30 minutes into the festivities tomorrow, remember that although the Sprite Slam Dunk™ may disappoint you, the Internet never will. We present to you the best dunk on the Internet.

First of all, we have no idea how this was allowed to happen in the National Basketball Association. The trampoline is 12 feet from the hoop. The man weighs at least 300 pounds. And the mat looks soft, but not that soft. What was supposed to happen?!  David Stern, this is part of your legacy. How do you feel about it?

David Stern Water GIF

Freaky fact: this is the second Fitness Fail Friday video in a row with the song "I Believe I Can Fly" playing over a slow-motion fall. It might become a cliché at some point, but we're still enjoying it quite a bit. The guy runs toward the trampoline with such enthusiasm, you just know he's been waiting for this moment to fly his entire life.

Dunk Approach

Also, how great is Harry the Hawk's reaction in the background? 

Dunk Fail Reaction

He has to be the one who set this whole thing up, right? Harry's so mischievous.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock