Best Rival Fight Scenes

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By Sam Allard

Are you a linebacker with a taste for the big hit? A power forward looking to stuff that arrogant shooting guard? A hockey player who lives to deliver hard checks? Below are some of the best big screen face-offs, which can be used to get your mind ready for combat.

The Matrix: Neo vs. Agent Smith
Could the stakes be any higher? This climactic battle, which pits "The One" against the most advanced agent of the Matrix, determines the fate of the world. The ability to bend laws of gravity and time, coupled with state of-the-art special effects, make this martial arts fight/chase one of the most gripping visual action scenes ever.

Gladiator: Maximus vs. Commodus
"Uncool" is the word of the day for Commodus, who stabs Maximus in the side before challenging him to a final duel before the crowd at the Coliseum. Encircled by Commodus' guards, the two most powerful men in Rome fight to their tragic deaths.

Transformers: Megatron vs. Optimus Prime
This battle pits the most powerful evil robot ever against the biggest, baddest, toughest robot good-guy. Their enormous metal fists crunch and connect amid a full city rampage of robots and U.S. Army soldiers.

Troy: Achilles vs. Hector
This fight, set on the sandy beaches of Troy, has the best warriors in the world crossing sword and spear in an unabashed display of skill, speed and musculature. Achilles fights for revenge while Hector fights for honor in the beautifully choreographed and sharply edited spectacle.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock