Biggest Blowout Ever? Girls High School Basketball Playoff Game Ends, 108-1

Ever lose a basketball game by 107 points? This team did.

Gilmour Girls Scoreboard

You've probably been on the wrong side of a blowout at some point in your athletic career. If you play sports long enough, it's bound to happen eventually. But I'm willing to bet you've never come up short by 107 points.

That is, unless you play for the Northeast Ohio College Prep girls varsity basketball team. In that case, you totally have.

That's not photoshopped. The Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills, Ohio) girls varsity basketball team defeated NEO Prep by an astounding score of 108-1 in a Division III sectional semifinal game on Wednesday night.

I'm not even sure how to classify it. It's so much more than a blowout. It's one thing to give up 108 points, but it's another thing to score just a single measly point. You could send the Golden State Warriors out in blindfolds and snowshoes and they'd manage to knock down at least a few buckets throughout the duration of the game.

So how did it happen?

Well for one, Gilmour Academy is really good. They won their district in 2009 and 2011, and they finished as district runners-up the past four seasons. In's latest power rankings of northeast Ohio's top teams, Gilmour was slotted third. So there's no doubt the Lady Lancers can ball.

On the other hand, NEO Prep hasn't exactly had a storybook season. The statistical information available about the team online is sparse, but their page shows an 0-6 record and several other lopsided losses.

We're guessing that some funky playoff stipulations gave NEO Prep an automatic bid, but they were promptly matched up with No. 1-seeded Gilmour in the first round.

This one ranks right up there with the biggest blowouts in girls' high school basketball history. In my limited research, the only bigger margin of victory in a varsity game occurred back in 2002 in Michigan when Walkerville High drubbed Lakeshore Public Academy 115-2.

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