WATCH: 282-Pound Oregon State Offensive Tackle Too Much for Playground Swingset

Somebody should've told this guy that this was a bad idea. Can't defy the laws of physics.

Blake Brandel

Somebody should have read the weight limit before letting Oregon State University offensive tackle Blake Brandel on this swingset. This is what happens when a really big guy uses equipment meant for little tykes:


Brandel, a 282-pound freshman, was taking part in a community service event with his Beavers teammates when they decided to take a break on the playground. As you can see from the above video, things did not go well for the swing, for Brandel or for his backside.

The video, shot by junior quarterback Darrell Garretson, was quickly passed on to Oregonian reporter Gina Mizell and, eventually, the entire Internet. Meaning people will be laughing at this long after Brandel's butt bruises have faded.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock