Have a Look at Cam Newton's Signature Under Armour Cleats (PHOTOS)

Get a good look at Cam Newton's first-ever signature cleats from Under Armour.

Cam Newton Week One

The 2012 NFL season didn't start the way Panthers superstar QB Cam Newton had hoped, as Carolina lost to Tampa Bay 16-10. But Newton, fresh off his award-winning rookie season, still threw for more than 300 yards and a TD (even if he did toss two picks). If you looked closely, you might have caught a glimpse of Newton's brand-new signature cleats.

Newton wore his first-ever Under Armour signature cleat, which won't be available at retail until Spring 2013. Although the big QB was bottled up running the ball in Week One, that will not last long. Look at the size of the cleat—it goes almost halfway up his calf.

UA Cam Highlight

Here's another, less-stylized look at Newton's new cleat. Note the "CN" logo on the side, near the ankle.

Cam Cleat

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Photo: New York Daily News
Source: Under Armour

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock