Check Out the 2016 NHL All-Star Game Jerseys

How can an NHL All-Star uniform represent music culture? Find the answer on

The 2016 NHL All-Star game is right around the corner, and the new 3-on-3, three-game tournament format should spice things up. Top players from each division will be playing together, so it's time to get excited to watch them take the ice.

Another thing to get pumped up about: the league recently revealed the uniforms its All-Stars will be rockin' at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Jan. 31.

Since the game will be played in Nashville, the players' jerseys pay tribute to the city's music culture. They have a black and white color scheme representing the keys on a piano, and the design of their numbers and lettering are modern interpretations of classic country music poster lettering.

A tri-star mark on neck of the jersey represents the Tennessee state flag, and each jersey has gold infused in the NHL Shield.

Tune in to watch what should be an interesting All-Star weekend, and check out the jerseys below.

2016 NHL All-Star Jerseys

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