Cheer on Your Team With a Best of Times Bar

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Dallas Cowboys Best of Times Bar

Football season is in full force.You and your teammates get together every week to watch the action as a crew. Sporting a jersey doesn't reveal the depth of your passion for the game. You're a player who loves to get together with friends and cheer on other teams. You need to check out a team-branded bar set called the Best of Times Bar.

The Best of Times Bar comprises an L-shaped bar, four stools, a side table and an umbrella. It instantly creates  atmosphere for watching your team compete or hosting a team-building cookout  the night before a game.

The BOT Bar  features a UV-protected umbrella and table banner decked out in your choice of an NFL or college football team's logo and colors. More sports teams, including baseball and basketball teams, are currently being licensed and will likely be available in the near future. Neutral colors are available for off-season use.

We recently had a chance to test out a Dallas Cowboys Best of Times Bar. The set was surprisingly sturdy and fairly easy to assemble and tear down. The steel frame is solid but required no tools to assemble.

Although we set it up indoors, the bar and its accessories are made for outdoor use as well. In fact, the BOT Bar is designed to fit within the width of one parking spot (think "tailgating"). We liked how it became a central area to serve food and hang out, key aspects of team events.

The bar table has two shelves inside for storing snacks and soda, as well as a drop-down cooler, so if you're entertaining outside or tailgating, you don't have to bring an extra one.

If you're looking to showcase your colors and bond with teammates, the Best of Times Bar is worth a look. Visit for more information.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock