Gaming Update: 'CoD: Ghosts', 'Fallout 4', 'Battlefield 4', 'Fable Anniversary'

Gaming Update: 'Call of Duty' new skin for man's best sidekick; 'Fallout 4' rumors; 'Battlefield 4' patches; and 'Fable Anniversary's' Xbox arrival date.

'Call of Duty' wolf

Last week, Call of Duty offered up a new skin for man's best sidekick, Fallout 4 rumors were somewhat confirmed, Battlefield 4 patches were released and Fable Anniversary's Xbox arrival date was announced.

New CoD: Ghosts' DLC Turns Dog into Wolf

Want to give your guard dog killstreak a new look? With its latest add-on, Call of Duty: Ghosts has just the fix. The downloadable content, currently available only to Xbox gamers, turns your guard dog into an intimidating wolf. It doesn't really do anything special besides that—it's a cosmetic update for which you'll shell out $1.99.

However, alongside the DLC, Activision is offering a free festive camo pack, including a snowflake patch and reticle, a player card, new background and camo inspired by ugly holiday sweaters.

A release date for the "Wolf" DLC for non-Xbox gamers has not been announced.

Fallout 4 in Development

It's OK to get excited now. Fallout 4 is finally coming, reports Kotaku. The site obtained leaked documents about the game, confirming that it's currently in development and set to take place in Boston. The docs include a casting call for the project without mentioning the game by name. But the inclusion of the quote "War. War never changes," makes it impossible for it to be anything else, right?

Bethesda hasn't commented on the leaked docs one way or the other. And there was that ridiculously detailed website that popped up online earlier this month, which turned out to be a hoax. But this seems real.

Xbox Battlefield 4 Premium Members Getting Refunds; Patches Released

As the issues surrounding Battlefield 4 continue to mount for Xbox gamers, Microsoft is providing premium customers with refunds. The premium level, which will be revoked if you opt to receive a refund, gives players full access to all downloadable content released for the title free of charge. It is currently unclear if the same option is available to PlayStation gamers.

EA released patches for PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of the title on Dec. 17 via DICE's website. The patch for the Xbox One, which arrived a few days later, can be found here. The updates reportedly target a number of issues, including crashes caused by map transitions; the "one-hit kill" bug, where a single shot resulted in several hits and instant death; and the "kill trading" issue, where players who fired on each other at the same time would both drop dead. Unfortunately for some PC gamers, the download introduced a new problem: those with SLI activated on their Nvidia graphics card experience flickering, and at times the revive bar got stuck on the screen. DICE is aware of and working to fix the issue.

Fable Anniversary Coming to Xbox in February

Fable Anniversary will be released on Xbox 360 on Feb. 4. It will retail for $40. The 1080p HD remake will feature plenty of goodies for early adopters who received the limited-edition launch version. Included will be the Launch Day Outfits & Weapons Pack, featuring five outfits and two weapons: a Lute weapon and a Will User's Scepter Weapon, in addition to a new interface and achievements, the "Lost Chapters" DLC and a special 10th Anniversary Lion's Head avatar helmet.

As reported earlier, the game will not come to the Xbox One or PC. Xbox One gamers will receive Fable Legends some time next year, however.


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