Converse First String Chuck Taylor All Stars Offer Versatile Style

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Converse First StringConverse First String has launched yet another Chuck Taylor All Star shoe as part of its 2012 Spring/Summer collection. This extra sporty sneaker, made from textured jersey fabric, includes a striped heel loop, distinctive tortoise-shell shoelace eyelets and a dynamic inner nylon lining. As the shoe gets worn, the nylon lining gradually becomes exposed, altering the look of the shoe as it ages and yielding a more comfortable fit.

Not only does the shoe feel great, but its classic style can adapt to any outfit. The textured exterior of soft gray stripes makes for a perfect blend of style and versatility, gracefully adjusting to just about any outfit you can muster. Wear them with jeans on a casual lunch date or spice them up with black pants and head to the club. No matter where you go or what you do, this classic Converse First String will get you there in style. And don't forget, with these kicks, you are always ready for a pick up game wherever you go!

You can buy the new Converse First String online at Bows & Arrows for $70.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock