Danny Granger's 33s Test

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Without a lottery pick in the '05 NBA Draft, it seemed that the Indiana Pacers would have to get lucky just to find a role player with their 17th pick. And they did. Danny Granger, a 6'8" forward/guard, has evolved into one of the best picks of that year's draft.

Formerly labeled a risk, Granger has dramatically improved his stats in each of his three professional seasons, making himself into a bona fide NBA baller. According to Shawn Dassie, an elite performance professional, Granger plays at such a high level because of his anaerobic conditioning work. "The days are gone when basketball players condition with aerobic training," Dassie says. "The energy systems utilized during basketball are repetitive short bursts with intermediate rest periods, so that's the way we train."

Use this off-season to get in basketball shape, so when camp rolls around, you'll be ready to show your skills and, more importantly, ward off injury. "If basketball players come in out of shape and are asked to do things they aren't physically ready for, they can develop injuries that nag all season," Dassie says.

To prepare Granger for the season, Dassie prescribes the 33 Drill once a week in the off-season. He suggests performing one rep for the fastest time. Record that time to use as a baseline for improvement throughout training.

33 Drill
• Beginning on baseline, sprint to opposite baseline
• Touch it with foot, turn and sprint back to start
• Repeat for 3 round trips (six lengths of the court without stopping)
• Complete all reps in less than 33 seconds, or within 3 seconds of fastest recorded time
• Rest 2:1; repeat for specified reps

Stage 1: Perform 4 to 6 reps. Complete each in 22-25 seconds.
Stage 2: Perform 7 to 9 reps. Complete each in 26-29 seconds.
Stage 3: Perform 12 reps. Complete each in under 33 seconds.

• For every missed rep, perform 3 more. For every rep completed slower than 33 seconds, perform 3 more reps. For every rep not within fastest recorded time, perform 1 additional rep.

Benefits: "Once an athlete can go through the stages of this drill successfully, he will have the confidence to dig deep during crunch time for extra effort. When you're tired—it's the fourth quarter with the game on the line—and you're on the free throw stripe, you'll [be able] to recover and focus on nailing the free throw."
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