Drake Joins Jordan Brand, is Secret Sportsman of the Year

Drake's momentous year got even bigger when he signed a shoe contract with Team Jordan.

Drake Air Jordan

Aubrey Drake Graham is having a good year. His third album, Nothing Was The Same, released in September, elicited screams from women while guys secretly listened to it in the car with the windows up. He signed with the Toronto Raptors as the team's "global ambassador," a job we can only assume entails announcing a concert every night the Raptors have a home game, then cracking up in the executive suite as fans realize they got hoodwinked into attending another basketball game.

Finally, during a tour stop in Portland last night, Drake announced that he has officially signed with Team Jordan, the ever popular shoe brand. He followed that up by posting on Instagram photos of a few gifts he had received from his new best brand: OVO-themed (named for his crew) Stingray sample packs of Air Jordan 10s and 12s.

Sure, LeBron won another championship, David Ortiz went nuclear in the World Series, and Johnny Manziel threw for over 500 yards against Ala-Freaking-Bama. But the one they call Drizzy is getting shoes you'll never own, bringing the Toronto Raptors back to cultural relevancy, and (we could guess) playing poker with Michael Jordan in some smokey basement later tonight. Not bad for a guy who was once in a wheelchair.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock