Instagram Round-Up: Dwight Howard Prepares For Space Mission and 14 Other Can't-Miss Athlete Posts

Dwight Howard goes into space and Patrick Willis wears a snake in this week's Instagram Round-up from STACK.

Each week STACK scours the Instagram accounts of the world's best athletes to bring their most interesting posts to you. Scroll down to see Patrick Willis trying on a snake and Marvin Jones Jr. in the gym on the day of his wedding.

15. Damion James
Caption: Every time we go out u know u we GOTTA SHOW OUT! #lionlife #reallove

14. Lance Stephenson
Caption: This is hot tag all the heat fans

13. Jamaal Charles
Caption: Puma North America Headquarters in Westford, MA #takingfunnypic

12. Eric Berry
Caption: Messin up lil kids sandcastles on a tues with @tru_savage_52. Captured by @_dbella

11. Marvin Jones Jr.
Caption: Pre - Wedding workout with my pops!!! @jstillgess @daddymorebucs we in here!!!! #BZN

10. Ray Ray Armstrong

9. Stephanie Gilmore
Caption: Turnt up. Who needs squats, when you've got tourist activities in KL. Did a couple laps to make sure I'm ready for Margaret River

8. Dwight Howard
Caption: Hittin that nae nae in space. Huaaahhh

7. Tim Jennings
Caption: Bc we love to do what we do!!! #groupselfie #whynot #mygoons #305 #damnitshot @j_bushrod7475 @idf_31 @marquesswilson @btm15 @__fen__ @ky1elong

6. Shane Victorino
Caption: Decided since its their special day let my sneakers take a dip in the pool

5. Devin Hester
Caption: Yea yea Hester's camp with my boys @lilmade21 @2_good2btrue @hennorjenn @yougongetthiswork

4. Marquise Goodwin
Caption: A solid 3 step jump.. Gettin my jump game right for my 2nd NFL season! Yes there is a correlation... Yes I do work football stuff. #letmelive #AsLongAsiScoreTDs

3. Carlos Emmons
Caption: The look on @patricklwillis face when they put that snake around his neck was classic. His whole body started trembling. Lol @takeospikes51

2. Allyson Felix
Caption: Got them @ms_gc @jenebasylvia

1. Pat White
Caption: Welcome to our world! @barwismethods Courtesy @ryanclarkdoyle #HalfManHalfAmazing

Bonus: Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s "Money Pull-Ups"

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock