Eric Bunnell Named STACK Expert of the Month

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Eric Bunnell, infield coach at Lake Erie College (Painesville, Ohio) has been named STACK's Expert of the Month for December 2012. He will receive a $500 cash award. A consistent contributor to, Bunnell has built up an impressive library of content by regularly submitting high-quality articles on baseball skill development. His articlesPractice Your Baseball Fielding Skills Indoor This Winter and Block More Pitches With These Catching Drills were among the most popular STACK articles on Twitter during the month of December.

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The STACK Top 10

Each Top 10 Expert will receive a $50 award in recognition of his or her December performance.

Experts Featured in STACK Magazine, Holiday 2012 Issue

Brett Bartholomewperformance specialist at Athletes' Performance (Phoenix)
Kait Fortunatoregistered dietician at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates
Michael Palmieripresident and founder of the Institute of Sport Science & Athletic Conditioning (Las Vegas)
Bryan McCall, performance director at Michael Johnson Performance Training Center, SPIRE Institute (Geneva, Ohio)

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