Fixcraft Hardcourt Bike Polo Gloves: Full Review

Fixcraft's Hardcourt Bike Polo Gloves are a welcome alternative for many bike polo players.

Bike polo, as relatively new sport, has plenty of room to grow. Along with the ruleset and the bikes themselves, equipment for the sport is constantly evolving. Polo players often borrow items from other sports to make up for the lack of available polo-specific options. Think: lacrosse gloves, downhill knee pads, and ice hockey helmets with the cage cut out.

One such item that has become a favorite among players is the Franklin Youth SX 11-inch hockey glove. It is appreciated for its light weight, low price and decent hand protection. However, it's meant for a child's hands. While some bike polo players make it work, it's not an ideal solution for many.

Fixcraft has addressed this issue, and added a few upgrades, with their Hardcourt Bike Polo Glove.

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Fixcraft Hardcourt Bike Polo Glove

This glove is close in design to the Franklin glove. Some upgrades are the larger size (it fits like a 12- or 13-inch glove), rubber finger grips on the thumb, index and middle fingers, and a "murdered out" black color with the Fixcraft logo on the palm.

My hands aren't huge, but I always found the Franklin gloves too small. The Fixcraft gloves fit nicely, and I think I'll like them even more once they're broken in. I don't have long fingers, so they seem a little roomy there. But I like how the wrist protection covers more area in the event of a fall. It won't stop a wrist injury by itself, since it has no rigid reinforcements, but it'll keep your hands from skinning in that area. Many lacrosse gloves are open in that area, and I've lost a few drops of blood because of it. Also, if you care about such things, they're 100 percent vegan.

The Fixcraft gloves will wear like the Franklin gloves, which is reflected in the price ($35.99). You may have to wrap some tape around your fingers when they start showing signs of wear. I personally have found with other gloves that the fingers with rubber tips tend to fail, so hopefully that design attribute on the Fixcraft gloves will keep the rips away. I used to play lacrosse, and I always liked my gloves best just before I had to give them up due to overuse. I felt the same with the few Franklin Youth gloves I've used during my bike polo career, and I have a feeling the Fixcraft gloves will be the same.

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