Former NBA Player Anthony Randolph Completely Jumped Over a Defender to Throw Down a Nasty Dunk in the Euroleague

Vince Carter would be proud.

Remember Anthony Randolph? The former 2008 first-round pick of the Golden State Warriors played for four different NBA teams during his brief six-year career? OK, we don't either, but the former LSU Tiger is now playing in Europe, and he's doing things that would make Vince Carter proud.

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Currently a member of Real Madrid, Randolph sped down the court after a steal during a recent game against Estudiantes, then launched himself all the way up and over poor Jamar Wilson, who was the lone man between him and the basket. By the time Randolph landed after throwing down the one-handed dunk, the crowd had lost its collective mind over witnessing such an insane display of athleticism.

Wilson isn't 7 feet tall like the dude Carter leapt over during the 2000 Olympics, but Randolph's flight is still one of the best dunks we've ever seen. We just hope Wilson's confidence isn't shattered forever.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock