Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Johnson Reveals the Most Freakish Athlete He's Ever Trained

Hint: He's an NFL star who excelled at soccer and AAU basketball as a youth athlete.

Michael Johnson is one the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. The sprinter dominated the track and field scene throughout the 1990s, capturing four Olympic gold medals and smashing countless records. His time of 43.18 seconds in the 400-meter Dash still stands as a world record.

After his own athletic career came to a close, Johnson began helping other athletes reach their potential. He opened Michael Johnson Performance in 2007 and has helped countless athletes improve their game. But of all the players who've walked through the doors of the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas, who stands alone as the most impressive?

That question was posed to Johnson during a Nike-sponsored training event STACK attended earlier this week. His answer? Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Johnson said, "The one that comes to mind is Ndamukong Suh. Big athlete, defensive lineman, but freaky athleticism. His ability to change direction, his vertical jump, it was freaky. Part of that has to do with the fact he played basketball. He was a very good AAU basketball player and he was also a soccer player growing up as a kid. He had that kind of footwork and change of direction from soccer and that vertical he got from basketball and he was able to bring all that together for football."

STACK was able to witness Suh's training at MJPC ahead of the 2010 NFL Combine, and what we saw was an athlete built like a bulldozer who also possessed the explosiveness and agility of an Italian sports car.

Suh's incredible athleticism combined with MJPC's training helped him post insane numbers at the Combine. Measuring 6-foot-4, 307 pounds, Suh attained results that included a 35.5-inch Vertical Jump, a 7.21 Three-Cone Drill and a 4.44 20-Yard Shuttle. To put those numbers into perspective alongside other well-known players who competed at the 2010 Combine, Suh jumped a higher Vert than Golden Tate, recorded a faster Three-Cone than Kam Chancellor and notched a quicker 20-Yard Shuttle than Jimmy Graham. Suh's mind-blowing blend of size, strength and athleticism have helped him become a five-time NFL All-Pro and one of the most feared defensive players in the game today.

Want to use the same type of training that Suh performed at MJPC? Check out the link below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock