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Sony's latest game to hit the shelves will have you all praising the God of War.

God of War III [Sony]Available for: PS3Rated: M


Sony's latest game to hit the shelves will have you all praising the God of War.

God of War III [Sony]
Available for: PS3
Rated: M

The Great Spartan warrior Kratos is back, and the gods of ancient Greece are in a whole lot of trouble.

The third and final chapter of this Sony franchise concludes Kratos' crusade to destroy the Greek god Zeus. Combining traditional Greek mythology with the legend of Kratos, the game's rich story line will be remembered long after the PS3 achieves antique status. Using new weapons and modes of attack (you won't want to put down the controller), gamers will battle through the fiery flames of Hades all the way to the top of Mt. Olympus.

Comparing God of War III to God of War II is like comparing an airplane to a cart. Built from the ground up, the new game's engine features state-of-the-art visual technology that's only possible for the PS3. It allows gamers to guide Kratos through areas that are four times larger than in earlier versions.

STACK's Favorite Features
Groundbreaking Depth of Scale: Gaming has never been this big. Kratos embarks on a larger-than-life quest, and the look and feel of each level make for a monumental scale of gameplay. On your way up Mt. Olympus, you'll have to fight the Titans, creatures the size of skyscrapers that run through the entire underworld.

Gameplay: Although there's a ton of fighting going on, this is also a thinking man's game. With puzzles to solve and worlds to explore, God of War III will leave gamers scratching their heads at times, wondering how to advance to the next stage.

STACK's Take: One word: jaw-dropping. Because that's exactly what happened when I first picked up the controller. I played for more than three hours. Next time, I told myself I could only play for an hour. Four hours later, at 2:00 a.m., I was still wielding the controller. It doesn't matter if you haven't played the previous versions. After about 15 minutes, you'll want to go out and get them to complete the trilogy. Just make sure all your training and schoolwork are done before you start.

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