Get Recruited: You Need All A's for an Athletic Scholarship

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College Students

The road to playing collegiate sports is not always well-marked. A lot more goes into the recruiting process than sheer talent and ability. You need all A's for an athletic scholarship, but they may not be the A's you're thinking of.

I created The Athlete Watch to guide student-athletes down the right path to play at the next level. Below, I share three A's from that program that you need to get recruited. If you meet the criteria at each checkpoint, you'll be doing your part to secure a scholarship.


With academic standards at institutions of higher learning getting stricter each year and plenty of other student-athletes being recruited, if you fall behind on your grades, you'll fall off a coach's radar screen. Knowing this should prompt you to make it a priority to earn the grades you'll need to get into college.


It's pretty obvious athletics are vital in the college recruiting process. Student-athletes must have the necessary skills and the motivation to outwork the competition. Today's athletes are bigger, stronger and faster than ever, and they will continue to push the physical boundaries in their sports. In the realm of athletic competition and scholarship searching, it's a dog-eat-dog world, so you'd better be hungry.

Ability to Market Yourself

Don't be fooled by companies charging thousands of dollars to showcase you to their network of coaches. As a former student-athlete who lived through the college recruiting process, I could not afford those astronomical prices. But I did just fine by marketing myself. Plus, the NCAA has an abundance of valuable free tools to help you search for scholarships. Combine them with a student-athlete profile and a skills tape from The Athlete Watch, and you will be able to craft an affordable and effective game plan.

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