Get Strong With the 25-Rep Rule

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As a competitive athlete, you are constantly battling in the weight room to improve your size and strength. However, you may not be performing the correct number of reps to stimulate muscle development. Try the 25-Rep Rule, a simple and idiot-proof program to achieve your strength goals.

Essentially, the 25-Rep Rule says you should perform 25 total reps of an exercise. You can use any set/rep combination as long as the sets multiplied by the reps equal approximately 25.

C.J. Murphy, owner of Total Performance Sports (Everett, Mass.), recommends starting with a 5x5 combination, progressing to 6x4 and 8x3 in the following weeks, then repeating the cycle. He says, "It's a good guideline because nearly every configuration will give you a balance of volume and heavy weight for growth and strength."

It's best to perform the recommended set/rep combination with exercises that engage large muscle groups and multiple joints, like the Bench Press and Squat. Murphy also suggests using a weight load that allows you to perform an extra rep on each set. After your last rep of the final set, you should be completely fatigued.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock