Golf Training Equipment: Technology is Changing the Game

Golf training equipment is getting more sophisticated all the time. STACK Expert Larry Seely talks about three new technology resources that can help you correct errors in your game.

Golf Training Equipment

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Each year, companies come out with new golf training equipment designed to make the game easier. Innovative golf technology has led to new aids that can help golfers at any level achieve their best scores. Here are three of the best devices to help you stop posting so many bogeys.

Golf Training Equipment


Putting is the key to a good round, and the latest motion detection device from 3BaysGSA can improve your putting stroke by giving you instant feedback on face angle, path, and tempo. This small device, which attaches to your putter grip, can be synched through Bluetooth with an app on your smart phone or iPad to help you understand what you need to change to get better. The device costs less than a new driver, but it will help your game more in one 30-minute session than a new club could do in a four-hour round of golf.

Pin High Pro

For golfers who have trouble shifting their weight to their front foot on the follow through, the Pin High Pro should be a go-to resource. A small, circular device, it rests underneath your front foot and makes a clicking sound when you shift your weight forward. If you shift your weight before your club strikes the ball, you know you need to correct the problem. With no batteries or wires, it can be used anywhere, but it's great for the driving range.


SkyGolf has developed a motion sensor that attaches to any golf club and creates a 3D simulation of your swing, which can be viewed through an app on your smartphone. You can even slow your swing down to critique each and every second of your motion.

Golf training equipment has changed dramatically over the last few years, allowing golfers to instantly see the mistakes they make. Prices may run a little high, but the opportunity to become a better golfer in a shorter amount of time could be well worth it.

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