Need a 'Selfie Stick' for Your GoPro? ProGearX Has You Covered

The ProGearX Extendable Pole lets you show off more GoPro action. Read our quick review.

ProGearX threw their hat in the ring of GoPro accessories/selfie sticks with their Extendable Pole for GoPro. Catchy name, I know. I used it while doing a few activities (most of them involved playing with my dog), and this pole stands out in a few areas, compared with other extending poles I've used in the past.


It's a lot lighter than other extending poles. I have yet to test its full durability (read: I haven't yet fallen on it while snowboarding), but from what I can tell, the aircraft-grade aluminum should hold up to most of what I'll throw at it.

A simple twist and pull extends the pole. It's a quick task to perform. At three feet with a GoPro viewing angle, you'll be able to capture a lot of the action. I've fumbled with extending poles on shoots before, so this is a nice feature. It's also waterproof for any bubbly adventures you might go on.

ProGearX Selfie

If you're looking for a lightweight extension for your GoPro, you can't go wrong with the ProGearX Extendable Pole. Pick it up here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock