Get Quicker With Gordon Beckham's Ground Ball Reaction Drill

Become a better infielder with Chicago White Sox 2B Gordon Beckham's Ground Ball Reaction Drill.

All standout infi elders have quick hands and feet. Whether you're charging a slow roller, staying back on a high bouncer or diving for a line drive, you must read and react instantaneously. Before you take the field next season, improve your reaction speed with this drill from Chicago White Sox 2B Gordon Beckham.

Gordon Beckham's Ground Ball Reaction Drill

  • Assume athletic stance facing partner five feet away
  • Have partner toss ball
  • Pursue ball from a ready fielding position
  • Field ball, toss it to side and reset to field next ball
  • Partner increases difficulty by gradually increasing ball speed and toss angle

Sets/Reps: 2x15-20 each direction

Coaching Points: Do not use glove// When toss angle changes, focus on moving laterally to ball

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock