How to Make a CaptainU Profile That Will Wow College Coaches

These tips will help you get noticed by college coaches and scouts.

High School Athlete

Keep it simple for coaches to find out about you. Create an athlete profile that shows them everything they want to know. Share videos, photos and stats that show how you play in the big moments. Ask teammates and coaches to recommend you. Write about the high school classes you like and the college courses you want to take. Coaches will love a page that answers so many questions.

Make it easy for coaches to learn about you

You want coaches to learn about you easily, and you want them to like what they see. Take control of that by putting all of your info in one place—your CaptainU profile. It's a spot to show off everything—videos, pictures, stats, grades and endorsements. With a profile full of great material, you're able to send coaches a link to your page; it's like a resume for any college that you like.

The top of your profile works as a summary. It's where you put general info, like your height, weight, birthdate and position. You should add your academic info here too, so coaches can see if you'd do well at their college. There's also a spot for your current teams, both high school and club, and jersey numbers. That way coaches are able to spot you at events.

Separate yourself with video highlights and photos

Profiles are more exciting with videos and photos. They help coaches picture how you play under pressure. Load your page with videos, either game highlights or skill sessions, that show why you stand out at your position. Use plenty of pictures, too—they don't tell quite as much as videos, but they still let a coach look at your technique. If you win awards, you can add a shot of your trophy or plaque. Post as many pics and videos as you want to your profile.

Show off those numbers!

Make sure you include your stats in your profile. Coaches want a sense of the numbers you put up. Let them also know how many years you've played your sport. They want to see how well you know the game. If you're new to your sport, coaches are likely to see you as a "raw" athlete with upside to improve.

Recommendations and endorsements from people who know your game

Football Coach

Your teammates and coaches know what makes you great. Invite them to recommend you in the Coach and Athlete Endorsement section. They can brag about what you do well and how you handle coaching. Your current coaches might have things to say about how you can grow once you get to college.

Don't forget about the academics

The bottom of your profile deals with academics. Coaches want to know you can be an athlete and a student too. List your favorite high school classes and the majors that excite you at the next level. If you like your grades, share those too. This info tells coaches you'd care about coursework in college.

Ready to get your athlete profile up and running?

Coaches want to know you well. Your athlete profile, like any resume, gives them a great start. It's something they can come back to whenever they want, as they're thinking about your place on their teams.

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