How To Stay Warm During Baseball's Early Weeks

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Baseball season is officially here, at least two weeks in advance of warmer spring temperatures in northern cities. But some might argue that professional baseball players have it easy. While high school athletes are taking ground balls on frozen tundra in places like the Dakotas, major leaguers spent their spring training in sunny Arizona and Florida. Not to mention, when pros do have to play in the cold, they receive the care and comfort of a major league baseball training staff.

Until you reach that level, it's up to you to keep warm this spring. And although you can't receive the same care as MLB players, you can learn from what they're doing to keep warm. After all, Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum aren't chilling in the bullpen in bikini tops [and thank God for that].

To stay at the top of your game, you need to keep your muscles warm and loose throughout the ball game. Check out the products listed below. They can help you stay in top form early on this baseball season.

New Balance High Heat Half Zip Jacket

Whether you're a batter waiting in the on deck circle or a pitcher trying to stay warm between innings, this jacket from New Balance will keep you more comfortable. It also allows for optimal range of motion, so you can keep your arm loose while your teammates are busy bringing runners home.

Under Armour Midlayer Training Top

This year-round training top, especially useful at the start of the season, is great for warming up your upper body. The moisture transport delivers temperature regulation, so you can take on anything Mother Nature throws your way. With this piece of gear, you'll be ready to go as soon as the ump yells, "Play ball!"

Nike Pro Compression Baseball Sock
Unfortunately, high school baseball fields rarely get the same TLC as major league fields, so you're far more likely to get your feet soaking wet on a muddy diamond. Although we can't hire a professional groundskeeping crew for you, we can introduce you to Nike's compression baseball socks, which will help keep moisture out and your feet dry. They'll also keep the circulation going in your feet, so you won't feel cement bricks under your ankles when you run to the warning track at the crack of a bat.

Cutters Endurance Batting Gloves

Getting hit by a pitch is the worst, but next up is the sting you feel in your freezing hands when you hit a ball solidly with a metal bat. Protect your hands from becoming blocks of ice with these batting gloves, which perform in all weather conditions. They come with a C-TACK grip, which minimize grip pressure, causing less muscle tension and allowing quicker bat speed. Top it off with C-TACK's high-abrasion resistance, and these gloves will last you all season.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock