Iman Shumpert's Grueling Summer Workouts Look Absolutely Exhausting

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert has been putting in some serious work this summer. It could set him up for a bounce back year.

Iman Shumpert didn't exactly have an awesome season last year.

Though the versatile guard helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first ever NBA Championship, Shumpert saw his individual statistics suffer. He recorded new career-lows in points per game and field goal percentage, and he tied his previous career-lows in assists and steals. Some of his drop in production can be attributed to a myriad of injuries. Shumpert was sidelined until mid-December after undergoing surgery on his right wrist; and subsequent knee and groin injuries cost him additional time during the season.

However, we're expecting big things from Shump next season.

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Why? Because he's been training like an animal this summer.

Shumpert's been working with Adam Taylor, Director of Player Development for Taylored Intensity. To say that Taylor's not taking it easy on Shumpert would be an understatement:

That workout is no joke! Just watching that set of Band-Resisted Shuffles With Rope Slams had me out of breath. And how many 6-foot-5 NBA players can pull off a picture perfect Pistol Squat on top of a BOSU ball? Probably not too many.

Iman Shumpert Pistol Squat

Shumpert also looked super sharp during his on-court sessions. Watch him knock down jumpers and zip around precise passes in this clip:

Shumpert's latest session with Taylor looked like an intense sand workout, featuring speed ladders and Band-Resisted Sprints. Working out in the sand is an excellent way to take an already tough workout to the next level, as it builds additional strength in the feet and ankles:

"The weather is nice, the work is hard," Shumpert writes in the caption of one of his Instagram posts. If Shump can play up to his potential next season, it could do wonders for the Cavaliers' chances of capturing their second straight NBA Championship.

Want to work out like Shump? Check out these exercises:

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