Improve Your Strength and Endurance With This Dumbbell HIIT Circuit

Push yourself to the limit with this High-Intensity Interval Training workout.

HIIT workouts are one of the most popular styles of training, because they provide a quick way to burn fat and improve conditioning. You can learn more about the benefits of HIIT workouts here.

One of the best things about HIIT workouts is their versatility. You don't have to be stuck on a bike or a treadmill. You can perform almost any type of exercise as long as it pushes you near your physical limit in the amount of time you're performing an interval.

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I like to have my clients perform a HIIT workout that requires only a set of dumbbells and some open space. The exercises below (some use just body weight) are full-body movements that challenge your lower body, upper body and core to increase the energy cost of the exercise, meaning that it burns more calories. Also, these exercises will spike your heart rate and challenge your body sufficiently to obtain the benefits of HIIT, which doesn't work if you don't work hard enough.

That said, my best piece of advice with interval training is always to focus on quality over quantity. I know it's tempting to try to beat the clock with as many repetitions as possible, but to reap the benefits of the exercises, each rep must be done properly through a full range of motion. If you feel your form is beginning to suffer, that should be the end of your set, even if you have time left on the clock.

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Here's the dumbbell HIIT Workout:

Dumbbell Squat to Press

Dumbbell Single-Leg RDL to Row


Lateral Bound

Dumbbell Overhead Sit-Up

You can perform these exercises using a variety of different intervals types:

Interval Sequence 1

  • Complete each exercise for 60 seconds, resting 30 seconds between
  • Complete for 5 sets

Interval Sequence 2

  • Complete each exercise for 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds between
  • Complete for 10-12 sets

Interval Sequence 3

  • Complete 15 reps of each exercise in consecutive order, resting for 30 seconds after completing all five exercises
  • Repeat for 3-5 sets

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