Indiana Basketball Players Had a Blast Watching Michigan State Lose to Middle Tennessee

When Michigan State suffered an upset loss to 15-seed Middle Tennessee State, the Indiana Hoosiers couldn't contain their glee.

Indiana Hoosiers

It feels cruel to take such delight in another team's crushing defeat, but when they're a conference rival, sometimes you just can't help yourself. When it comes to the NCAA Tournament, there are no rules. You either win or deal with the consequences of an early exit.

After Indiana took care of business and defeated No. 12 Chattanooga on the opening day of the NCAA Tournament, they took some time after practice on Friday to watch the final minutes of Michigan State's shocking loss to Middle Tennessee, just the eighth time in history a 15 seed has upset a two seed. The Hoosiers, who lost their only regular season matchup with the Spartans by 19 in February, could barely contain their glee as they watched their Big 10 rival and trendy pick to win it all lose by 9.

Plenty of people (a.k.a. angry Twitter users) called Indiana "classless" for their reaction, but as the saying goes, all is fair in war and basketball. When your rival, and the tournament media darling, goes down to defeat at the hands of a 15 seed, holding back a smile almost feels irresponsible.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock