Why You Can't Ignore Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

Inner Armour has you covered with pre- and post-workout supplements, Muscle Rush and BCAA Peak. Both are guaranteed to be free of banned substances and are Parisi Speed School Approved

Have you been pushing hard in the gym and leaving nothing behind on the field? Trying to build lean muscle, cut up, run faster or just push yourself further?

Training with maximum intensity is a key to athletic success. But if you don't respect the rules of pre- and post-workout nutrition, you can forget about reaping any benefits from the hard work you've been putting in.

As you push out every rep and run past the point of exhaustion, your body burns up its glycogen (stored carbohydrates). It also uses up the essential amino acids that are available to drive performance, growth, repair and energy production. The result is an empty fuel tank and muscle breakdown. When all that fuel is gone, your muscles will actually start eating themselves for fuel!

Without proper nutrition before and after your workout, you can forget about performing at your best or increasing strength, speed, power or endurance. Your body simply will not have the fuel it needs to power itself. But supplementing with the right nutrients can stop muscle breakdown dead in its tracks. The right supplements help you workout harder, push out more reps, increase your speed and recover faster without feeling so sore the day after your workout.

If you're an athlete, you need to be sure you're using clean, pure supplements that contain zero banned substances. If you're a drug-tested athlete, you're risking your entire career when you take supplements that are not guaranteed to be clean. Fail one test, and your reputation will be ruined overnight.

Banned Substance-Free Supplements

Inner Armour ensures all of its products are banned substance-free. Its Muscle Rush and BCAA Peak products expertly combine pre- and post-workout nutrients. Trusted by tested athletes, coaches and trainers looking for high-quality supplements, Inner Armour contains no fillers and formulates all of its products with clinically tested ingredients. All Inner Armour products have been approved by the Parisi Speed School, a training center that cranks out thousands of the top athletes in the nation.

Muscle Rush  & BCAA Peak

Muscle Rush is designed to be taken before workouts. It can enhance muscle energy and fuel workout performance by providing clinically proven doses of concentrated creatine, muscle-buffering carnosyn and muscle-volumizing arginine. The post-workout BCAA Peak is designed to enhance recovery and stimulate the pathways of muscle building. It provides muscles with the powerful amino acid leucine, which is crucial for rapid recovery from exercise. Together, the power-packed duo of Muscle Rush and BCAA Peak is designed to take your performance in the gym or on the field to new heights.

Muscle Rush Nutrition Facts

Peak BCAA Nutrition Facts

You can buy this Inner Armour supplement stack for $26 at SportsNutrition.com.

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