iShower: a Bluetooth-Enabled, Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker

STACK expert Alan Danzis reviews the iShower Bluetooth-enabled water-resistant wireless speaker. Does it deliver on its promises?


If you're like me, most of the high-tech gadgets in your home were acquired to solve a problem: a way to watch TiVo on your iPad when you're away from the house, a back-up battery or external hard drive for  your TiVo—anything that has a clear function and a useful purpose. (See more cool accessory reviews.)

Recently, I had a chance to review a product I never really craved, but now kind of can't live without. iDevices' iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant wireless speaker for Apple, Android and other Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets. Intended for the shower or the beach, it can pair up with five different devices; and pairing it with my iPhone took under a minute. The iShower works up to 200 feet away. It kept playing music from my shower while I walked out of my apartment, cutting out only when I shut the front door.

Additional features: a built-in clock and nice-sized buttons for play, pause, forward, rewind and volume up/down. It comes with a bracket that attaches to a shower wall with mounting tape. If you choose to mount it, it's supposed to be easy to detach and take with you.

iShower claims to get up to 15 hours of streaming on just three AA batteries. I can't verify that, but despite uninterrupted use over the last week, the batteries seem to be doing just fine.

According to its specs, iShower works with most audio apps, though I use it mostly for Pandora. I never have to crank it up to max volume to drown out my loud showerhead. I could easily hear it in my kitchen, about 100 feet away, even with the shower at full blast and the volume at half level.

Though it isn't a product I wanted, I now use iShower every morning and every night. It retails for $99. Learn more at

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock