You Owe It to Yourself to Watch This Benchwarmer's Hilarious Highlight Tape

This high school football player's highlight reel will put you on the floor laughing.

It seems like every day some high school stud's highlight reel is making the rounds on the internet. These highlight tapes usually feature jaw-dropping plays, stunning athleticism and really cool music. Jack Lenihan, a senior wide receiver from Barrington, Illinois, is the latest player whose highlights have gone viral. But there is a big difference between Lenihan's tape and that of a freak athlete like Jadeveon Clowney.

Lenihan's highlight tape consists mainly of him standing on the sideline casually watching the action on the field. There is a shot of him getting some playing time as his teammates take a knee, and the only time he actually touches the ball (which comes on an easy screen pass), he drops it. The juxtaposition of these "highlights" with intense music and the "spotlight" effect pointing out Lenihan's location before every play is pretty hilarious.

Lenihan obviously has a great sense of humor, and I would have no problem keeping a guy like him around to boost locker room morale. The icing on the cake is at the very end of the video, when a big block of text appears reading, "Division 1 Offers Only." Knock, knock. Is that Nick Saban I hear?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock